You’re sitting on your bed, enjoying the wet weather by listening to music and reading your favourite book, or drawing. You put your Ipod on shuffle, and then the familiar chanting comes on. “Careless, careless, shoot anonymous..”. Normally, you’d skip this song, and put on Angel, or Black Pearl. But today, you stop yourself. Today, you sit down and remember everything. What that song once meant to you, what it introduced to you, and how it changed your life. You’ve seen these 12 beautiful boys grow into wolves, and you’ll still watch them grow. It all started with MAMA, don’t ever forget that. Listen to it, once in a while. Remember it.

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vegan panini with cheese, avocado, tomato, and sprouts.


vegan panini with cheese, avocado, tomato, and sprouts.

jongin and the bottle (and sehun)

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dancing machine suho and his dance moves

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9-10/ jongin gifs
getting extremely happy & cute after catching the water bottle with his feet that sehun threw (≧◡≦)

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byun baek DUMB

byun baek DUMB

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kai almost getting hit in the face by the umbrella after trying to open it

look at baekhyun,he was like “lololol,wow wtf”

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Welcome to my Nutshell :)

My name is Ellen Anne. I'm an 19 year old vegan. This is mainly for my vegan lifestyle but when I'm not posting things about veganism it's anything else that might inspire or arouse my intellect. I have been vegan for an entire year now and I want to show everyone how easy and hard it can be.

One thing that makes being vegan worth while is how much you think about yourself. And along with that you think about the planet and everything around you. I love how aware I've become to the world.

To get general knowledge on veganism I recommend watching Gary Yourofsky's Speech on Youtube (link)

I'm a vegan for life <3

I'm a pretty picky person about who I follow. The same interests I follow back. I love Doctor Who, Fringe, and Terra Nova.

Recently graduated from high school and looking forward to the next chapter in my life :)


I'm went to South Korea this summer on a Scholarship program with The National Foundation for Korean Language and Culture in the USA It was amazing and I high recommend it :D Not only South Korea, but other countries haha...i still have yet to travel other places *sigh* ^^